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The Professional Lyceum of Krasnograd

The professional technical educational school is founded in 1966 in Krasnograd region. In 2003 June school was reorganized as an institution of a new type – the Professional Lyceum of Krasnograd. The Lyceum educates pupils by the following specialties:
* building (plasterers; tilers, bricklayers; the fitters of sanitary – technical systems and equipment, the electric welders of manual welding; the assemblers of steel and ferroconcrete constructions; electric welders);
* transport (car locksmiths);
* agricultural (tractor operators-mechanics of agricultural manufacture; the locksmiths-repairmen);
* food service (cooks);
* the operator of the computer typing; the chief’s assistant.
 The Professional Lyceum retrains and improves the professional skills of the working population.
 The professional training is based on development of traditional and modern technologies.
 The students may use the following services:
• 19 classrooms and 7 industrial workshops;
• a library with more than 19000 editions of the educational and artistic literature, methodical and professional papers;
• reader's room, assembly and sports halls;
• a museum of the lyceum;
• a hostel;
• a canteen.
The main task of the lyceum is to provide the high quality education. So pupils can be proud that they are studying in Professional Lyceum of Krasnograd and the graduates are involved into labor market successfully.


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